I've been a wife since 2004. I need to take a second to thank my husband for being so flexible and supportive with my photography, thank you Josh!

I am a mother of four. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to be a mother and how much I love my mini people.

I sometimes wish that I didn't have to sleep so I could have more time to do all the things that I'd like and need to do. I love to play with my kids and husband, cook, craft, I recently started playing hockey (so fun!), I love a good movie and I'm a slave to treats (it's bad!)

I got into photography in 2008 after I started an etsy shop. I design and write up crochet patterns and sell them here. I needed good photos to present my work well and so my knowledge and love for photography began.

As a photographer I try my best to make sure that you enjoy your time and then make sure you'll love your images. Getting your picture taken is fun! It's true! and the more fun you're having the better your pictures will be.